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Emotional Resilience
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Happy Habits: Choose Happiness
Excel At Life
This app uses the techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) from the positive psychology research to provide comprehensive tools to help create the conditions for happiness in your life. You also have the option of signing up for the AchieveMint.com rewards program that provides cash rewards for engaging in self-improvement activities in this app and others.

Self-Esteem Blackboard
Excel At Life
This app was developed by a clinical psychologist using the methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help improve self-esteem.

Super Better
Super Better
Developed by game designers with input from psychologists and other medical professionals, Super Better is a self-help app disguised as a game. The goal is to feel more empowered, take on tough challenges, get support and encouragement, and change the things that aren't working in your life. Customized quests will help you better handle real-world challenges. And, like a game, you can identify the foes that are holding you back and power up with activities that improve your outlook.


Happier, Inc
Happier is a way to discover, create, and share small moments you appreciate in your daily life. Like a friendly personal coach, our app, courses, and awesome community are here to help you stop saying, "I'll be happy when..." and start saying, "I'm happier now because...."


Positive Thinking
Mike the Android Farmer
Includes quotes about life, happiness, attitude, opportunities, dreams, relationships, leadership, career, achievement, success, and much more.