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Consumer Advisory Council

What does the Consumer Advisory Council do?


The Consumer Advisory Council looks at ways to improve services provided to Gracepoint clients.  It focuses on positive and pro-active advice, ideas and evaluations of:


▪ Client information

▪ How best to meet client and patient needs

▪ New and existing programs


Council Members


Clients may inquire and recruit other clients. Gracepoint managers and staff may also nominate existing clients. The goal is a wide range of people from different socio-economic, gender, ethnic, and behavioral health backgrounds to best serve Gracepoint's goal of improving service.


The Council generally has nine members staffed by Gracepoint Strategiv Communications and chaired by the Vice President of Quality Improvement.                    


If you are interested in being a part of our Consumer Advocacy Council please contact us.

If you, a friend or family member has a problem with services received at Gracepoint, you have several options available.