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The Mindful Freudian Slip

Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.

freudWe’re all happy to be in the present moment when it’s pleasant. In fact, it can be easy to make a Freudian slip saying “I want to be in the pleasant moment.” When things get unpleasant that’s when we’d rather be anywhere else but here. From an evolutionary perspective, this is a natural reaction of the mind. Stay away from pain and move toward comfort. Check to see if you have this Freudian slip within you.

  • At work, are you focused when things are going well and check out with the phone, unimportant emails, or Facebook when things get overwhelming? 

  • In your relationships are you engaged during the happy times and become disconnected or shut down during the difficult time?

  • Or in class, a seminar or workshop are you present when interested and then if boredom comes over, does your mind start daydreaming? 

There are all kinds of ways we automatically check out when things get unpleasant, why? Because we’d rather be anywhere but here when things aren’t pleasant. 

However, this sends the message internally that all parts of ourselves are not welcome so we inevitably become disconnected inside, which leads to imbalance, and then dis-ease. 

So, here’s your challenge for today:

Be on the lookout for unpleasant events. When you find one, ask yourself 4 questions:

  1. How is my body feeling right now?

  2. What emotions are present?

  3. What thoughts are on my mind?

  4. How is it for me to be reflecting on this right now? 

These are all questions to guide you to be here and connect with this life as it is. Connection leads to balance and then to health. Even in the unpleasant moments (as long as it’s not a trauma reaction), connection sends the message internally that all parts of ourselves are accepted, which then leads to a sense of self-acceptance. 

The practice above is just a simple, short practice to begin weaving into your life. You can also do it with the pleasant moments.

Try it out today.