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Tips for Survivors: Coping with Grief After Community Violence

Mass Violence

It is not uncommon for individuals and communities as a whole to experience grief reactions and anger after an incident of community violence. Grief is the normal response of sorrow, emotion, and confusion that comes from losing someone or something important to you. Most people will experience a natural occurrence of grief after the death of a loved one, but grief and anger can be the result of other types of losses. In situations of community violence, people may experience the loss of their sense of safety, their trust in those who live in their neighborhood, or their trust in local government. The trauma and grief of community violence can be experienced by all involved.

This tip sheet contains information about some of the signs of grief and anger and provides useful information about how to cope with grief.

Grief Reactions to Violence

Often after a death or loss of some kind, many people express feeling empty and numb, or unable to feel...More

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