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Frequently Asked Questions

May I smoke while admitted?
No smoking is permitted as we promote health and wellness. We understand this is a difficult time for you and want to accommodate your needs as much as possible. We provide nicatine patches.   

Will I be prescribed medication? 
Each person is assessed individually and included in the treatment process. Your doctor will discuss treatment options with you. If you have your medical history available, it would be helpful to bring during your evaluation.

What is the usual length of stay on an inpatient unit?
The average length of stay is two to three days. You and your family will join our discharge team to make sure steps (and appointments) are in place to help you toward wellness.

Is information about my loved one kept private and confidential?
Patients and staff are required to maintain confidentiality at all times. The information contained in your medical record is confidential. It is a legal requirement that Gracepoint receive specific authorization prior to releasing any information. Authorization is given by completing a Release of Information form (ROI).

Is my family involved?
Gracepoint encourages family involvement. However, the patient must sign and authorize family members to be involved. For family members we understand this is a difficult and often stressful experience. Please know we have supportive staff members here to help you as well. 

When can we visit?
Visiting hours are 3:00 - 3:45 pm and 7:00 - 8:00 pm daily. Special accommodations may be arranged with unit staff for situational needs. Families are encouraged to visit routinely.

What kind of food do you serve? What if I’m vegetarian?
Our dining room serves individual meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A licensed dietician works with our team to provide a healthy, well balanced diet. Upon arrival, dietary needs are taken into consideration and if requested vegetarian meals are available.

Do the patients get fresh air and exercise?
Weather permitting and with your treatment plan, patients are encouraged to enjoy an outdoor area with recreational staff.