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Crisis Care

Mobile Crisis Response Team

If a child (5 to 17) or adult you know is threatening suicide or is depressed, please contact the Gracepoint Mobile Crisis Response Team. They offertriage by phone and detailed evaluations at home, school or workplace to determine when behavioral crisis care is appropriate. The team often resolves issues quickly and refers children and families for follow-up care.  Call us 24/7.


Our name says it all—I’m promoting accountability and changes today. IMPACT is a 30-day in-home case management and therapy program for children, adolescents and adults. Our clients’ goals are preventing psychiatric hospitalizations, reducing mental health emergencies or preparing to re-enter the community. Call us 24/7.

Our IMPACT team provides:

  • On-site assessment
  • Crisis intervention and counseling
  • Case management and referral
  • After-care promoting crisis resolution
  • Evaluation and referral to medication management, if needed

Adult Crisis Services

You are not alone.
Don't give up.
Call us.

There is a better way to deal with feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, anger and depression. At Gracepoint Adult Crisis Services, you can call 24/7 or walk-in for an immediate evaluation. Our 48-72 hour crisis stabilization program of private and group therapies may also include medication helping you reduce symptoms and find a balance that help you begin your recovery. Our two therapy wings offer treatment and activities aligned to your recovery level.

We also assess adults who arrive from emergency departments or emergency services under the Florida Baker Act.

Treatment activities

  • Private therapy
  • Group therapy is intensive discussions about decision-making, feelings and cognitive behavior therapy
  • Coping therapies including anger management, substance use, defining values and beliefs, family issues.
  • Activity therapy includes structured recreation that relieves stress and speeds recovery.
  • Medication may be required to reduce anxiety, improve your depression or promote wellness in other ways. Our licensed psychiatrists and ARNPs meet with you to discuss your concerns and prescribe appropriate medications when needed.

Children’s Crisis Services

When a child or teen struggles with emotional or behavioral issues, the whole family can feel out-of-sorts and chaotic. Symptoms of emotional and behavioral illness are as individual as we are. At Gracepoint Children’s Crisis Services, children aged 5 to 17, will be evaluated by a licensed therapist and a child psychiatrist. These professionals may recommend an inpatient stay of 48 to 72 hours to stabilize symptoms. Call us 24/7.

We also assess children who arrive from schools, emergency departments and through emergency services under the Florida Baker Act.

ChildrenTreatment activities

  • During individual therapy children meet with a therapist to set personal goals and resolve personal issues.
  • Group therapy sessions are intensive discussions about good decision-making, feelings, relationships and communications skills. Children under 13 spend more time in individual therapy rather than group.
  • Coping groups deal with anger management, clarifying values, family conflict, bullying and more.
  • Activity therapy and school offers structured recreation and expressive arts which help children learn effective ways of using leisure to channel stress and interact with others.
  • Before going home, family therapy explores challenges children may experience at home. Families and children agree to after care and referral plans assisted by a case manager. They learn together that the children are not responsible for all the needed changes.

Children and teens may feel or drop hints about:

  • Hurting themselves or others
  • Worthlessness, hopelessness
  • Anxiety
  • Hearing voices
  • Experiencing hallucinations

Children and teens may act out their pain by:

  • Being aggressive
  • Bullying
  • Cutting, self-injury