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Child & Parent Psychotherapy Program

The Child Parent Psychotherapy Program provides specialized therapeutic services to children five and under.  CPP promotes and strengthens a close and nurturing relationship between caregivers and their children.  CPP is designed for young children who have experienced traumatic life events. It focuses on the way these events have impacted the child and parent or caregiver relationship.  CPP seeks to improve the relationship between caregiver and child while restoring the child’s sense of safety and overall functioning.

Goals include:

  • Reducing child and parent/caregiver post traumatic stress symptoms.
  • Reducing a child’s anxiety and depression
  • Building a child’s ability to regulate emotions.
  • Increasing a child’s cognitive functioning.
  • Improving a child’s behaviors including attention problems.
  • Increasing family harmony.
  • Enhancing parent or caregiver empathy and support for their child(ren). 

Benefits of CPP are:

  • Understanding a child’s behavior and what it means.
  • Being able to talk with your child about trauma.
  • Learning how to provide safety for your child.
  • Learning child development.
  • Helping your child reach their developmental milestones. 
  • Understanding how to communicate through play.

Child Parent Psychotherapy services are provided by qualified Gracepoint clinicians who are trauma informed and well versed in child developmental stages and cognitive behavioral therapy. The CPP program incorporates behavior based interventions, parent support and coaching, and interactive child/caregiver play.

If you woud like to enroll in this program please call our outpateint office at 813-272-2244 or request an appointment online by clicking here.

This program is located in Seminole Heights at 5800 Nebraska Avenue., Tampa, Florida  33612