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School Interventions

Carver and East Henry Academy are desingated schools through Hillsborough County School System. This educational program allows for students with mental, emotional, and behavioral problems to learn appropriate ways to interact with peers and adults with intensive wrap around services. Providing a variety of services, including mental health therapy, support services, group and individual counseling. We also educate parents on behavioral problems and provide parenting tools for home. 

They maintain the same academic expectations and school experiences as any other Hillsborough County School. Our students enjoy school dances, plays, special guests, and field trips. In order to help our students succeed our team maintains a "whatever it takes" attitude and approach for each student. Our goals are to reduce psychiatric hospitalization, involvement with juvenile justice, and out of home placement while increasing increasing independence, academic success, socialization, and promoting  health and wellness. 

Students may receive;
Psychiatric evaluations
Medication management
Individual, family or group therapy
Case management
Therapeutic mentoring
Life skills development

We provide resources, and advocate with parents for their children's needs. At East Henry Academy we make it possible to build parent-teacher relationships, and make it more convenient for parents to maintain academic updates by offering an online communication program. 

Please contact Hillsborough County School System to refer a student.

Did you know East Henry has a 96% graduation rate?