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Independent living can create a feeling of self-confidence and self-reliance.

REACH (Psycho-social Rehab) is a recovery-oriented education program which provides an innovative alternative to therapy by using education as the intervention to promote and sustain recovery. Individuals in the program regard each other as members, as opposed to patients. With the development of healthier self-esteem, members begin to see life goals related to education, employment, housing, social support and leisure as attainable.

Opportunities include classes that prepare students to receive a Graduate Equivalent Diploma, training in computer competency, and assistance with life skills and recreation activities.

The heart of the program lies in the active participation of members who are involved in all levels of the program, and as well as the community. A favorite activity of our members is volunteering with local nonprofits. 

Specialty groups: Community Service, Women’s Group, Health and Wellness, Young Adults, Earth Group, Employment/Job Readiness and more!

PSR is available to adults age 18 and over with a mental illness, and has Medicaid. There is no charge for the program and transportation can be arranged. 

To learn more about Psycho-social Rehabilitation services, please call 813-239-8346.