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Virtual Health

Gracepoint’s Virtual Health is a video conference session with one of our medical physicians, psychiatrists, nurses or licensed mental health counselors from the privacy of your home, workplace, or any other private location you choose using your cell phone or other personal electronic device.

How It Works

Once a virtual appointment is scheduled you will receive a “meeting id” or a link to open at your time of visit. These meetings run like most business or school conference calls on a HIPAA-compliant system called Zoom Cloud Meeting. You will receive the same quality care and treatment as you would face-to-face, only this time it’s through your smart phone, tablet or computer.

If medication is prescribed, your doctor will call your prescription into a pharmacy of your choosing.

Do you have an appointment scheduled, and need help with a link or pin number? Speak with a team member on our LiveChat below or call 813-272-2244 for assistance



Zoom Cloud Instructions (English)
Zoom Cloud Instruction (Spanish)
Notice of Privacy Practices and Rights (English)
Notice of Privacy Practices and Rights (Spanish)
Advance Directives Brochure (English)
Advance Directives Brochure (Spanish)

Step by Step how to Join a Virtual Health Appointment

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